About Us

There is that moment when you realize that it’s time to live your next dream. The only question is when and how.

That is how Wine : Taste began….

Leslie was relaxing in a wine tasting room in Cambria, California taking a break from her intense career as public policy lawyer in Washington D.C.

Recognizing that the wine country lifestyle is not just a vacation destination – it can in fact be a way of life – she formulated the idea and ultimate reality of Wine : Taste.

Wine : Taste reflects a lifestyle where we value leisurely afternoons and evenings with friends exploring the world of unique foods and wines – an increasingly global lifestyle. We prioritize cultivating great conversation and adventures in food and wine pairing at our dinner parties and gatherings.

At Wine : Taste we share your desire to be comfortably situated in home décor with the feeling of relaxed sophistication, and unique objects that inspire us to travel in our minds – and ultimately with Passport in hand! Gift giving is thoughtful, often witty and whimsical.

This is the lifestyle of Wine : Taste. Let’s share the good life together.

About Leslie

LeslieLeslie is the first to acknowledge her gratitude to pursue her dreams as a public interest lawyer, writer, and entrepreneur in the wine industry. But trust her, it has not been without its share of travails. Those stories are for another time and a bottle of wine!

In Washington D.C., she championed reform and learned how to get it done at a grass roots level. She attributes a glass or two of wine in the evening as a key to her sanity, and whatever her successes!

In 1992, one particular Capital Hill tsunami created a silver lining – it was the impetus for her to say farewell, pack a bag, and in an act of faith land in the burgeoning vineyards of Paso Robles with the hope of joining the wine industry. Within two weeks she had two jobs and was part of the planning group to establish the Paso Robles Vintners and Growers Association, now the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance that has grown from 20 wineries to well over 200.

Three years later, she launched Fermentations in Cambria, California earning praise and acclaim for the unique wine tasting room, wine selections, gift store and nationwide clientele.  Press from local, cosmopolitan and national newspapers, magazines, and network shows was enthusiastic including: Wine Spectator, Travel & Leisure, Rachael Ray’s Tasty Travels, The Hollywood Reporter, Business Week Online and the Los Angeles Times.

Letters like this one really capture it best: “I never had a shopping experience like the one I had [here]. You and your staff are so welcoming. It is the most memorable and personal experience I ever had. No matter how big and successful you become, please don’t lose that….”

Today at Wine : Taste, Leslie and her team are still following their passions and sharing them with others.  There is more to the story – if you want even more details, Google leslie gainer wine : taste and see what comes up!  We look forward to you adding to the conversation… Cheers!